Lock down is stretched now So we must be more cautious at this time. We got to make our resistance strong. So today we’ll make Immunity Booster Drink (Kada). Take some Cumin Seeds Some Carom Seeds Black Pepper 2 Small Cardamom1 Big Cardamom Seeds 4 Cloves little bit of Cinnamon Sickbay leaf Ginger.

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A touch of Black Salt Some Turmeric Powder Dry Grapes/Big Raisins (Munakka). It makes the invulnerability sponsor sweet in taste You can put Jaggery within the event that you simply do not have this or on the off chance that you don’t like better to put Jaggery. At that time after making the Immunity Booster Drink (Kada), Then you’ll place Honey in it. And for diabetic patients Then don’t add anything which makes the Kada sweet in taste. A Liquorice Take a pan 2-2.5 cup – Water Keep it on the moderate flame Put herb in water In a Mortar and Pestle, put 2 little Cardamoms Black Pepper Seeds of massive Cardamom Cloves. A Cinnamon Stick Liquorice Ginger Any one of Cumin Seeds and Carom Seeds In. Winters Put Carom Seeds in Summers, put Cumin Seeds Crush them all Then put all the squashed flavours in water. Turn the hearth high Put Turmeric Powder Let it for boiling. Take some Basil Leaves Put it within the bubbling water When it begins boiling Then cover it and bubble it on moderate flame. Boil it for 20-25 mins.

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And bubble it tills it becomes half If you would like to feature Jagger. Then put Jaggery in it. And you’ll put Dry Grapes likewise at this time. You can likewise place Fig in it. But put Honey when it’ll get ready Here, we’ll bubble it for 20-25 mins. But on the off chance that we devour it every prior day morning Tea. So, we’d like longer within the first a part of the day to bubble it. Then you’ll absorb all the fixings 1-1.5 glass of water at night. Then toward the start of the day, bubble it for five mins only It will prepare so easily Hot serve the Kada (Immunity Booster Drink). And with these ingredients You can reuse these fixings by adding water in it for 1-2 days Like you’ll place water in it and douse it. Then you’ll make it within the morning. If you didn’t add Jaggery or Dry Grapes in it Then you’ll add Honey in it at this time It is perfect might want to impart a couple of hints to you.

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At this time for our safety We are bolted at our homes So we’d like to follow some tips. So that we’ll stay sound and safe. First tip is we need to burn-through warm water Second tip is If you burn-through Milk at night. So put some Turmeric Powder in it and bubble it Third Tip is. We need to do Yoga at home and another tip is Consume Masala Tea And the subsequent tip is in your day by day food consumption. Consume Ginger, Garlic, Carom Seeds Cumin Seeds, Asafoetida Consume these fixings more. It isn’t to battle against Corona These tips are for improving our immunity, occupy Home, Stay Safe.