Is there anything to not know about the fact that how much our lives are revolving around our smartphones and laptops during the “work from home” era? This pandemic has brought a huge change in the lifestyle of those working 9 to 5. Now we don’t have to wake up an hour early to reach office, not worry about traffic jams, flat tyres, bad weather and everything that came in our way to the office. Sounds quite good I guess. For some people it is, yes but for some, they are just missing the office vibe and for that, zoom meetings come to rescue (or not I guess). Our meetings have become digital, the office is just a lonely corner space at you home and the rest of it is inside that screen of yours in which you are looking right now. Online meetings and video conferencing may sound cool only to those not attending it but are not actually what they soundlike. It’s your private space that is now going to flash on other’s screen. And if you are someone with small kids, God bless you. After these drawbacks, the least I can help you is by giving you some tips that would be useful to you if keep them in mind during your meetings and are definitely going to make your digital colleagues jealous, yes I’m sure. So why not just begin:


The first thing and also the basic thing without which the rest of your magic won’t work is to get yourself a better webcam. Just don’t think of using that tiny little one sitting one the bezel of your laptop, that camera is not the one that is going to work at all, I know it works but you all know the quality of the camera your laptops offer. That camera won’t care how beautiful or handsome you look. So if you want to get the full advantage of your looks and the rest of the tips, just buy one good quality webcam with an HD resolution so at least you look better in your meetings or any other video conferences.


The next thing that you need to do is adjusting the angle of your webcam such that the unwanted things don’t try to sneak in your digital office space. Sit in front of it and adjust till you get a perfect spot of face, the background and the lighting. Keep it at angle such that the background does not look too bright which will then make your face look dark. Keep that spot permanent so that the next time you won’t have to get irritated 5 minutes before the meeting.


With these digital meetings become your new normal, you have to make a good impression on those attending you or those whom you are attending. So for that, find a place where there is a good amount of light so that you don’t lose that glow in your meetings. If possible, try to get some extra lights and place them behind your setup so that your face doesn’t have to look dull during important times.


You don’t want your personal stuff to be seen by the ones you share the professional life with. Check out if there is something lying here and there before your meeting starts, if possible, try to find a spot near your wall with your back facing towards it and if you want to make your wall look good, get a wallpaper and stick it behind you to make it look even better. Keep the rest of the surroundings clean as it is the place you are going to spend almost a day at.


When you know it is time for the meeting to start, get dressed appropriately. You can wear a nice “ironed” formal shirt or you can go with a simple collared t-shirt. If there is a dress code, dress according to it but remember to keep it clean and tidy because everything would be visible because of that HD camera you bought earlier. And one more thing, dress completely from head to toe, you don’t want anyone to look at you sitting in pajamas.


Wash your face with cold water before the meeting starts so that your face looks alive. You don’t want to look sleepy and inattentive during these sessions as it may affect your job. If you are a woman, wear proper makeup and don’t overdo it, wear nude makeup just to make your face look even. Wear light makeup as it is not going to be ruined by any dust, dirt or sweat. You are not going anywhere right? Keep your lipstick proper and your liner thin and sharp. Watch yourself in the video camera before the sessions to get the proper idea about your look and do the corrections if needed.


And what’s left are your hair. Wash them comb them properly as your hair are an important part of your face. You don’t want to look like someone who has just got up from the bed and is attending a meeting without taking a bath. If you are a woman, tie your hair properly or make a simple hairstyle that could enhance your overall look.

So now when you are ready for your meeting, check yourself once on your own by turning on your camera. Make all the necessary corrections and you are ready to rock.