Each one of us loves to click pictures, whether it is of someone, something, somewhere or it could be of yourself. Clicking photos could be a passion or a hobby but is definitely a lovely thing to do, clicking pictures and saving memories for lifetime. So here is a short guide that would help you up your photography game, whatever it is you are shooting for, be it a food blog, a vacation, a shoot for something professional, you’ve got it all covered.



The most important element of photography is? Take a guess. If your answer is a camera then you are right of course camera is the thing that would be used for photography. But actually, it is light, the most important element. Now I think you understand that too. Light is the first and most important thing in photographers, it’s all the game of light. The better the lighting conditions, the better the photos. You would get amazing results if you are clicking on a perfect time of the day when light not too much low and not too much harsh even if you are clicking with a mobile camera. On the other hand, even if you click with an expensive DSLR camera, you will get those mind-blowing results if the lighting conditions are not good. So remember to take lighting gear with you if you are not getting it naturally from the sun.



Doesn’t matter what camera you have (if you are not shooting professionally), you can practise photography with any camera whether it is a mobile camera, a point-shoot camera or a DSLR, just click pictures every time you get chance to click them. If not anything else, at least you will get to learn about perspective, framing and different shots pictures can be clicked from. Your vision of seeing things will improve a lot.



It may sound boring but yes, it is the first one to teach you about your camera. Spend a little time to know about your device because no one knows it better than you manual does. You can know about all the settings and features your device has and you will never get stuck during clicking pictures.



Changing angles can help you click great photos as they give a whole new perspective of watching things. Things may appear normal if you are watching from a regular angle, but the same things appear a lot different if viewed from a different angle. You should know when to move close or further from the subject, you should know when to get on your knees or maybe much lower to get that perfect shot. The more you put effort in a shot, the more beautiful it becomes.



Most of the photographers shoot in RAW because it gives them the option to develop the picture accordingly. Shooting in RAW gives you high quality results and an open path to adjust your image after you have done shooting. Also, if not shooting in RAW, shoot in the highest resolution possible so even if you are going to crop it or zoom it to the nearest detail, still you get desired results.



You may have a great camera and some good mega-pixels but what’s the use your subject is tilted or running out of the frame. Always know how much to get close to an object and what angle to keep. You can take the help of grids to know whether your image is straight or not. If you are not so much sure about how much to fill in the frame, leave some space so that it could be cropped further. A well framed photo is always the best one.



If you have a problem with carrying heavy ones, you can carry small ones instead. You could use some natural platform to get the desirable height but yes, the big ones definitely have the advantage. Tripods are an essential stuff when you have to click images with a slower shutter-speed as it will help you prevent the blur that would be caused by the shaking of your hand. You might not notice it but a slight movement of you hand can destroy a picture. Using a tripod will always give you better, sharp and crisp results.



Most of us use a telephoto lens outdoors as it can help in capturing images from a long distance, but still is no match for a prime lens. A prime lens will not only help you get better images but also it would make you go closer to your subject. It will make you reach out to new people if you are doing street photography and also get you keep moving and active.



It feels amazing clicking great pictures, visiting somewhere beautiful and collecting memories. But before looking inside that viewfinder, live the complete moment yourself. Use the camera, don’t be the camera. At least when you have to tell someone about the trip, you would have a lot of things to tell about apart from the pictures. Enjoy the moment, and then enjoy filming it.