Apart from “What clothes should I wear ?”, there is a more common question that arises once in a while in every man’s mind that “What type of haircut should I get ?” Being a man, I could tell you that most of you might have experienced a bad haircut at least once in their lifetime. Bad haircuts can spoil your complete look as well as your mood. As we all know, choosing a right outfit that suits you well, choosing a right haircut that suits your face and your personality is equally important, after all, it’s the crown that you wear. So, before getting further, one thing that is important for you to know is that every haircut you watch on TV shows, movies, or on the internet may or may not suit you. Your hairstyle is totally depended on the type of hair you have, it’s texture and your face shape rather than your choice.
So, let’s discuss these factors so that next time whenever you are thinking to get a haircut, you get outstanding results.
Hair type and texture refer to the shape of the hair, it’s quality, it’s density and it’s formation. These things depend on internal as well as external factors. It could be the place you’re born, it could be the place you live in, the quality of water and air in that particular place, it could be genetic or maybe the medications that may affect your hair density. Knowing your hair type is like knowing your skin type so that you could buy the perfect face wash that would suit your skin.
So if you have nice thick and wavy hair (not the curly ones) , you’re very lucky because no matter what you do, they will look great with many hairstyles. If you have got nice waves, you could opt for long hairstyles too. You will look good with little or no effort. You can also define your waves by applying styling creme or mousse. But if you are thinking of getting a style that would hide your waves or straighten them out, you will probably have to manage them a lot. Try getting some layers and length variations in your hair to avoid them looking like a helmet.
Curly hair might be hard to manage but would look great if properly taken care of. They would look good if you try to keep them a little long on the top and go for an undercut style to get the weight out of it. Avoid getting haircuts of uniform length as they would not make you look good and one thing to be noted, keep the length in mind that is going to be removed as they are going to look more short when dry.
Straight hair looks great if you use hair products and are easy to manage and style for the working people, though, you might struggle with styles that require a good volume. You can try undercut styles or can add layers to your hair to get your desirable look.
Now that you know what type of hair you have, let’s figure out what face shape you and what kind of style would suit you. Different haircuts will look better with different facial proportions. Some face shapes are easier to determine than others, whereas others will have little differences so it could be difficult for us to differentiate them.
They are circular and wide cheekbones with a tapering jaw and forehead.
Do not go for fringes and buzz cuts if you have a round face, as this will emphasize the roundness of your face making you look like a moon.
If your hair is fine, then you should go for a short back and sides with a little length on the top that can be styled into a quiff. If you have wavy hair then use your natural volume to give it a bit of extra height, keep a little extra length in your hair. And finally, if your hair is curly then you should try a clean fade and high top for some extra height and contrast.
You are lucky because most of the hairstyles will suit you. Oval shape face have broad forehead with narrower cheekbones and a round, tapering jawline.
A classic short on the back and sides with a little length on the top would be a great choice, and yes, you have to avoid the fringes in these too.
Keep it long on the top and comb it back of your face if you have straight hair. If you have wavy hair, try keeping it natural and let it grow a little bit. You can go for a little short on the top if you have curly hair.
When your jaw is wider than your forehead, and you have a pointed chin, you have a triangle face.
Keep enough and volume on top and make your forehead visible with a swept-back quiff or a side parting.
Diamond face shapes have narrow forehead and chin and the cheeks would be the widest part of your face. Diamond shape face are longer, with an angular jaw and higher cheekbones.
You could keep your hair short on the sides and longer on the top. If you have straight hair, you should keep more length on the top. While the ones with wavy hair should keep less weight on the top. Curly hair would look great when it’s grown out from all the sides.
Oblong face is a tall, rectangular face with rounded corners. Their forehead is broad but same as the size of cheekbones and jawline.
It looks great with most of the hairstyles but avoid those which may make it look even longer, avoid hairstyles that are too long on the top and too short on the side. Instead, grow your hair out a little bit and texturise it if you have straight hair and similar if you have wavy. Cut them a bit short and keep an afro look if you have curly ones.
If you have a square shape face, your face would be wide at all the points. You would have a broad forehead, strong cheekbones and an angular jawline.
Square shape face do look very masculine, which is great as you can lean into and get an undercut, fade or even buzz cut for a clean, classic look.