In this article We will talk about what you should eat the right way. There is this one, just one diet plan that, our weather, suggest in all its scriptures, and it recommends it with the promise that if one follows it religiously, he or she would not mean many doctors in life. Not only this even the damage that one has done by eating the things which were not really meant for the human body, it can be reversed and the body can be healed if one just sticks to this Ayurvedic diet plan.

So what is this diet plan where the food that you eat works like a medicine coming up the other side? Hello, friends, our weather is perhaps the only system of medicine that places an extraordinary emphasis on not just the food itself, but when and how it is to be done. Even the healthiest of foods when eaten at wrong times can lead to the accumulation of toxins in the body which then results in diseases. This is what makes our weather so deep and successful in treating elements from its very root cause. How do we eat daily so that we can treat the diseases just with the food that we need? That’s what this article is all about. The number one thing that you should know before you begin eating on any given day is the time of sunrise and sunset at your location.


It is between this time, duration that you should eat. This is because our digestion is largely dependent on the Sun. According to our Vedic takes our digestive fire rises, as the Sun rises gets to the peak when the Sun is at its peak and it dampens as the Sun sets. I will be the bones that any food which is eaten after the Sun has set won’t properly. Get digested in the body this undigested food then leads to accumulation of toxins in the body which then results in short to long-term health issues. So now you know that there is a specific eating window for you, the other times you are on a fast here. It may sound, like intermittent fasting, a popular diet in the modern era. However, it is much different as the eating window is not decided by you, but the nature decides it for yourself. Modern intermittent fasting may help you with weight loss for a while, but this tide, which is in order with the laws of the nature, will nourish your mind, body and soul.


At the deepest levels, weight loss is just a positive side effect of it. After sunset, the only thing recommended by Ayurveda is milk. This is because the specific digestive enzymes required to digest the milk are secreted in the right quantities. Only then milk also has sedative properties. So drinking warm milk before bedtime also helps you calm down, inducing a deep sleep. Now that you are familiar with your eating window, you can place your breakfast lunch and dinner accordingly, while choosing the three meals. You must know that even higher weather recommends you to eat. Breakfast, like a king lunch like a prince while dinner like a pauper. However, it has a slightly different annotation to it great first light. King signifies that you should be picky and choosey above the foods that you eat to break the fast. They should be well balanced with all the major macronutrients and satiating. Then lunch like a prince since the prince is young and has better digestion than the king. He would eat the heaviest meal of the day. Yes, according to our Vedic scriptures, lunch should be the heaviest meal of the day. Now you know the reason behind it.


Yes, because the Sun is at its peak. So here is the thing if you want to indulge in sweets eat that outside meal once in a while lunchtime, is ideal next dinner, like a pauper since the Sun is about to set, one cannot afford to digest a lot of food, so the dinner should be Kept light: according to our weather, there are some foods which are strictly prohibited during dinner. These are bananas, reddish, curd and cucumbers. These are extremely cold natured foods, which the body fails to digest properly. When the Sun is down, the next question arises: breakfast lunch and dinner is all fine, but what exactly should I eat? Don’T worry. Our weather has very specifically mentioned the ideal characteristics of aha. The food that you eat should check the five boxes. It should be sattvic, it should be seasonal, it should be local, it should be fresh and it should be tasty. What is our quick derived from the word? Soft were food. Full of goodness is called sattvic. The traditional system of Ayurveda divides foods into three kinds: sattvic rajasic and Tomczyk. Sattvic foods are synonymous to modern day, wholesome foods. These include through vegetables, nuts seeds, fresh cow, daily, whole grains and legumes. They come directly from the mother nature and are nourishing for the mind body and soul. Now, when these same foods are cooked in excess of salt sugar spices or eaten too cold or hot to satisfy the palate, they make the mind Restless. These foods are termed rot sake, then there are some sake foods. These are foods of ignorance. They include frozen foods, stale food, intoxicating foods, preservative laden packaged foods and all non vegetarian foods when these are eaten. They reckon I work physically as well as mentally. So the Moors are quick food you eat the better. It is the next important quality of food is that it should be seasonal. Ayurveda stresses that one should eat food, which is in season not in fashion, consider mangoes.


If they are out of season, they will be sour and eating them will cause acidity. Similarly, every food which is in season will provide the best possible nourishment so go to a local vegetable market, know what’s in season, buy it and eat it. Thirdly, food eaten should be local. That is why I have always recommended to choose coconuts over avocados. No doubt about are those are healthy, but they are foreign to Indians. There is a reason why nature grows certain food in a specific region. It’S to suit the people of that region, food which grows within the hundred kilometer radius of your location is local and that food, when eaten, gets properly assimilated by your body, don’t know how to find which food is seasonal and local. A simple hat is to go to a nearby shop and look for the cheapest fruits and vegetables. Next, the food should be fresh. Our weather suggests even bhagavad-gita in one of its slopes clearly mentions that a food prepared should be eaten within three hours. The fresher the food you eat, the more it will foster your health, so eating refrigerated so-called health foods will do more harm than good. Finally, the food should be tasty. Yes, I agree the makes it clear that, no matter how nutritious our food may be, if you don’t find it delicious, you cannot receive all its benefits. This breaks the myth that healthy diet isn’t palatable. That doesn’t mean that you hop on Maggie and doesn’t check the first four boxes. I guess this makes it very clear as to what food is best for us to eat. Subsequently, the question arises: how much food should I eat for this? Our weather confirms that you don’t need to ask any detention, but your own stomach ancient takes a form that if one eats consciously focused on eating chewing and relishing every bite, the stomach itself signals when it’s full. On the contrary, if you eat in front of the screens talking over the phone or in between the conversations you will miss out on society signals and as a result, you will overeat.


So save yourself from the hassle of counting every calorie that you intake just listen to your body and eat according to your appetite, the same goes true for whatever else. Well, how much water should you drink on a daily basis depends upon person to person again listen to your body if you’re thirsty, drink it slowly, sip by sip, our body gets good amount of water from other food sources like fruits and vegetables as well. However, there is one time when water should be drunk, even if you are not thirsty. That is first thing in the morning upon waking up in our Vedic scriptures. It is referred to as OSHA upon it is mentioned that at night, when we sleep, the body gets to healing process accumulating the toxins, then upon waking of when we drink water before brushing it flushes the toxins of the body cleansing the intestines at this time. It is ideal to drink over 1 liter of water after drinking water. You should freshen up and then proceed to the main means of the day. So that gives you deep insight as to why and how you should manage your diet in t 1 get the nature. If we summarize it first thing in the morning upon waking up drink, a lot of water freshen up after this, every food that you intake should be within the window of sunrise and sunset, then plan your breakfast like a tank. It should be full of nutrition, but still not very happy. Lunch should be. The heaviest dinner should be light, some foods are prohibited and enough food eaten throughout the day should check the 5 boxes. You can include fresh fruits and vegetables before the main meals. Not after milk is the only food which can be and should be consumed after sunset. So this completes your full day, Ayurvedic diet plan. If you align yourself with the laws of nature and eat according to what is prescribed in an ancient takes something powerful will happen every day. Your body will have ample time to heal the damage done before and slowly. All your healthy shoes will come to an end, as it is rightly said, and chandogya upanishad ahora su Dow Sethe worship thee, give it a shot.