Recipe of Ada pradhaman. Lets see how to make it soon. Lets start making ada pradhaman. For that we need 200g rice ada which is available in Kerala stores .If you takes Sooraj ada. This is not the very small one that we use for palada. It should be little bigger than that. You will see these at super markets the long ones. When you buy the long ones, just cut them with your hands.Then you will get the same small types So dont get tensed thinking this is not the one we want. 200g ada wash well and then we have to cook it. Take a vessel with 8 or more glasses of water. Let that boil well. After that we should add the washed ada to it. If you non stick it wont stick. But still we have to stir often. When you are using a steel vessel, keep stirring often. Or else it will stick to the bottom We have to get it cooked till it becomes soft. After water has boiled well. Add the ada to it and stir well. Let it get cooked well.

It should be soft when you touch it. Add it only after you wash it. Some adas will have dirt in it. So wash it well and strain it and then add it to the boiling water. By this time we should melt jaggery, extract coconut milk, roast coconuts and cashewnuts. Let the ada get cooked by then. Take milk from 3 coconuts. Will get 4 glasses of 3rd milk, 3 glasses 2nd milk and 1.5 glasses thick milk. These are the milk I got from 3 coconuts. Melte 1/2kg jaggery in 1 glass water. Strain it because it will usually have dirt in it. So I have strained and kept it. I melted 1/2kg but may not use the whole thing. Each jaggery has different sweetness. So pour 3/4th of it first and then pour more if needed. Next we need thin coconut slices cut to this width. We should always cut it in this way for this payasam. What we use for unniappam is small cuts small cut only. Then we need some cashewnuts. Lets fry both in a pan in ghee. Heat a pan and add ghee to it. Always do this on medium flame. Do not take lots of coconut pieces. You may take as you need. Lets roast this on medium flame or it will get roasted only on one side. Other wise it will get burnt too. At the same time dont forget to stir the ada often. All may not use non stick. Those using steel vessels should be very careful. Otherwise it will get burnt at the bottom. Lets roast the coconuts till it becomes golden brown Now the coconuts are almost done. Once it reaches this stage it will become golden brown immediately. So dont leave it for long. It will get a bit more roasted even after you take it from the hot pan. So lets remove it.

Now lets fry the cashewnuts. You can add as many as want and fry it till it reaches golden colour. Now lets see if the ada is cooked. If it is very soft. That means it is well cooked. Now we shall strain this through a strainer and then pour some cold water over it just like we did for palada. Now pour cold water over this. This is done to get rid of the stickiness in it. Rice will have lots of gum in it. So wash it away. Keep this to drain aside. We shall use it later on. Once the heat has gone you can stop washing it and keep it aside.  Roast our cashewnuts also till golden colour. Now lets take a thick bottomed pan or any deep vessel that  you have. Pour the melted jaggery to it. Pour just 3/4th of it now. The sweetness will differ. We shall pour 400g now and pour later if needed. Our jaggery is boiling. Add the ada now. We have washed this well and drained it too. Now lets this cook in it and it should absorb till it sticks to the sides. Till then we should stir it in medium high flame. if we had done it from Kerala in the traditional vessel on the wooden log stove That would have been nice. Here non stick is the easiet to work on Its work to clean the uruli later. Then you have to be scared of it getting stuck at the bottom. Its correct that we wont get the uruli taste when we make it in a non stick. Many look into easy methods.After boiling well. It should get dried up and become sticky Now nearly 3/4th water has been absorbed into the ada. Its like cooking jackfruit in jaggery. Only then it will taste good. It will start to leave the sides slowly.Now the jaggery has absorbed into the ada well. The water has evaporated It has become sticky. Now we shall add 1tsp ghee.

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Those who like ghee can add more. Add just 1tbsp. Stir this well. Now we shall add our 3rd coconut milk to this. Keep stirring because it may curdle. This should thicken and evaporate well. Then we shall pour the 2nd milk. Some might think the ada is sticky but nothing to worry. After cooking in jaggery and cooking in coconut milk, the ada will automatically start to stand separate. Thats why we are cooking it in jaggery syrup first. So if you are getting the long adas, break them to small and cook. 99% people buy ada and make. Even I do it the same way. Its a long procedure making ada at home. You will not get the perfection when you do it on aluminium foil. Its difficult doing it with kids around. Anytime we get time for that I shall show you how to do it in detail. Now please adjust with this. Let this boil and evaporate well. There are different types of jaggeries. Golden, brown, white, The colour of your payasam will differ accordingly Here in Dubai we very rarely get dark ones. I mostly get and use the golden ones. So the payasam colour wont be so dark. But the taste will be the same. The difference is only the colour of jaggery. Taste will be the same. Dont forget to add 1 pinch salt when making anything sweet. Especially when it is jaggery dish. Be careful when buying jaggeries. Select good ones and buy. Here I can make with only what I get here. Now our coconut milk has evaporated a lot. The ada has become very soft too. Lets add the 2nd milk now. Now let this also thicken and evaporate a bit. We shall then add the 1st milk. After that we wont boil it much. Now this is also almost done. Lets add the 1st milk to it. It just has to become hot. We wont boil after adding 1st milk. It will curdle. Let me check the sweetness. For me this is correct.

I have added 400gm If you want you may add more. The consistency shouldn’t become very thick. It will thicken as it cools down. When you are seeing it like this you might think its white in colour. But its dark in shade. It will thicken as it stays. So lets off it at this stage. If it becomes very thick, you can add little coconut milk or normal milk to it. Just heat it after pouring the milk. Do not boil it after the last stage. Adjust the sweetness as needed. You dont have to get tensed for anything. Just be careful in the beginning itself. Then such a situation wont happen. After offing it add two pinches of dry ginger pdr, cardamom pdr, the roasted coconut and cashewnuts Mix well. Now our tasty ada pradhaman is ready. See you with our next recipe. Bye.

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