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Month: October 2020

Anxiety is the normal feeling of anxiety, anxiety that all humans feel. However, in chronic cases it is deactivated. If it is permanent, anxiety is considered a disease in itself. All about the signs, causes and treatments of anxiety.   What is anxiety? It is an emotional disorder that manifests as anxiety. Anxiety is characterized […]

  A cold is a very common illness caused by a virus in the nose (or, more specifically, the nasal cavity) and mouth.  Also known as viral or acute rhinitis, it causes a sore throat, sneezing, stuffy nose (blocked nose) and runny nose. Symptoms often last longer than they are usually transmitted. In a study […]

Strengthen Your Body with Fitness At Home Flat belly, slim legs, tight chest, muscular buttocks… a few exercises to find a harmonious, fit body! This exercise program can be done at home, in an apartment or in a hotel room while traveling. So, there is no time limits and there is no good reason not […]

Mental Health: Strengthening Behaviour Mental health and well-being are essential for humans to think and feel individually and collectively, interact with others, make a living and enjoy life. Thus, the promotion, protection and restoration of mental health is a key concern of individuals, communities and societies around the world. Lets check out how to strengthen […]

  Sleep Disorders: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Sleep disturbances are divided into three main groups: those associated with dyssomnia, parasomnia and other diseases. So, the symptoms depend on the type of disorder. It’s like the treatment offered. Causes of sleep disturbance Chronic insomnia of psychological cause is due to emotional stress. Insomnia is a result […]

  Cholesterol: Types And Treatment Cholesterol is a fat in the blood that circulates. It is essential for health because it intervenes in various mechanisms essential for the proper functioning of the body. Cholesterol is one of the components of bile. Produced by the liver, this green liquid is an indispensable ingredient for digestion of […]