Best Ayurvedic Treatment for back Pain In India

In modern-day lifestyle, poor posture, prolapsed inter-vertebral disc or strained muscles and ligament, inflammation of the pelvic joints, chronic constipation – any of these may cause either a sudden or a gradual onset of lower backache. This results in aggravated Vata. Sometimes lower backache could even be associated with sciatica, a typical condition characterized by pain radiating from the lower back to the backside of either one or both legs. Spine related issues definitely cripple an individual . The Spine is that the main foundation on which the entire body stands. What we mostly encounter are spine issues thanks to a sedentary lifestyle. Specific herbal medication, in conjunction with therapies like kativasti, kaadidhara, local patrapotala sweda helps to alleviate the agitated Vayu. Administration of medicated enemas for a period of 8, 15 or 30 days also gives much relief. Postural corrections are also advised in conjunction with mild yoga exercises for low back. We have muscles inserted between each vertebra. These muscles when toned act as shock absorbers.

They keeps the spin in situ and thereby help the spine stay erect. Good or bad, man is that the only erect animal during this world and that we need to take the benefits and drawbacks of it. We haven’t heard of the other animal affected by disc prolapse or hernia. Gravity pulls everything down and clearly , the spine is additionally pulled down. But strong and toned soft tissues keep it in situ and stop it from prolapsing. Any injury or jerk will cause the prolapse of the spine. An extended abdomen also will bend the spine forwards. The way you sit, stand and walk, work on the desk, lift and carry objects, choose footwear, travel, sleep, maintain your weight and thus the positive energy you exude features effect on the health of your back. If you’d wish to reduce the wear and tear and tear and tear of the muscles, bones and joints of your back, make it a habit to remain an honest posture. It also adds considerably to your poise. Disc prolapse at different levels, cervical or lumbar (most common) also can be handled by surgery if it’s thanks to some injury. But otherwise the prolapse would have happened thanks to poor lifestyle. Surgery isn’t an option. If strengthening of the soft tissues isn’t done, subsequent joint will prolapse. Prevention and Remedies: There are some belongings you’ll do to prevent low back pain which can also help in faster recovery for those already having back pain. • Correct sitting postures while reading, watching television and eating. • Use back-friendly sofas and easy chairs reception . • Maintain workplace etiquette. Finding an honest worktable and chair at workplace. • take care of your posture while working on a computer. • Lift heavy objects safely. • lookout while carrying luggage. • Avoid high risk moves. • Sleep during a correct position. • Manage weight and shed extra fat. Treatment focuses on strengthening and toning the muscles and soft tissues. Proper follow-up and mild to moderate life style changes is certainly the proper way of handling spine issues. Back pain affects most folks just one occasion or the opposite in our lives, and a minimum of 30% among us are suffering at any given time. The pain is usually recurrent and subsequent episodes tend to extend in severity. it’s common in individuals who lead sedentary lives also as in those that engage in excessive workout . It can affect at any age but is most prevalent in people over 30 years. The treatment program will vary from case to case depending upon the etiology, how long you’ve got had the symptoms and the way severe it’s . Most cases of back pain with a history of but 1 year can often be treated in only 3 weeks. Chronic cases may require up to six weeks course. Kati Vasti is best Ayurveda therapy for back pain. The term ‘Kati’ refers to lower back area. during this therapy, warm medicated oil is retained in lower back area after making a rim with black gram dough around spine for particular time. Procedure: First patient is asked to lie on his/her belly (prone position) during a comfortable position. Then a rim is formed with black gram dough around lower back (lumbo-sacral region). we’ve to make sure that it should be leak proof, then medicated warm oil (as per the medical condition) around 150 ml to 250 ml is poured into it. we’ve to take care of uniform temperature of oil throughout the therapy, for that we reheat the oil and continue the therapy for advised time. eventually gentle massage is followed by Potali swedan (dry or leaf bolus) for better effect. Duration of therapy: 30 to 40 minutes. Course of treatment: 7 to 14 days and further depends on condition of patient. Oils used for Kati Vasti: Shacharadi oil – Radiculopathy Murivenna oil – Mechanical low back pain Kottamchukyadi oil – Lumbar spondylosis Mahamasha taila – chronic degenerative changes in lower back. Combinations of those oils are used as per disease conditions. Narayan taila, Dhanwantram taila, Pinda taila, Nirgundi taila, Prasarani taila Mode of action of Kati Vasti: Dalhan Acharya has explained intimately about the absorption of oil in body through skin. Oil reaches to the tissues (from Rasa to Asthi) during procedure thanks to heat and medicinal effect of herbs. Charak Acharya described that vata (combination of air + space element) is dominant in skin. So through medicated oil and warmth on body (lower back), we will subside the aggravated vata and associated symptoms like inflammation, pain, stiffness. Beneficial for: Lumbar Spondylosis, Inter vertebral disc prolapses, Lumbago, Sciatica, Marie-Strumpell disease , Radiculopathy, mechanical backache. As preventive treatment, we will take this therapy to strengthen & nourish the spine. It relieves .stiffens and pain thanks to daily work. Various sorts of Vasti as per their site: Greeva Vasti (Neck region), Janu Vasti (Knees), Shiro Vasti (on Head), Hridya Vasti (on Heart region), Uro Vasti (Chest region), Prishta Vasti (on spine).


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