Grain Audio OEHP On-Ear Headphones, Save 25%

Situated in modest community Pennsylvania, USA, Grain Audio is an individual sound producer that utilizes wood in its items. The organization has only four contributions recorded on its site, and ships legitimately to purchasers. Of the two sets of earphones recorded, the OEHP.01 is the bigger, over-the-ear model. Highlighting strong wood housings, the OEHP.01 is our survey result of the day. We delve into the subtleties in our survey.
Structure, particulars and solace
The Grain Audio OEHP.01 earphones include an interesting plan, with the whole driver packaging made out of grain-coordinated strong pecan wood. This keeps the headset genuinely light at simply 220g, and gives it a delightfully common look. The cushioning on the ear cups and headband is delicate and agreeable too. The headband is made of plastic, and tragically turns out poorly with the wooden housings. The OEHP.01 utilizes 40mm unique drivers, and arrives in a fairly huge box that incorporates a convey pocket and a 3.5mm-to-6.3mm connector.
The two ear cups are associated by a wire which runs under the headband cushioning, yet is marginally uncovered close to the housings. The change component is on every individual packaging, which implies that you need to mess with the two sides similarly to guarantee a legitimate fit. Luckily, this is sufficiently simple, and the headset as a rule fits serenely with insignificant exertion. The over-the-ear fit likewise guarantees that your ears aren’t put under any strain and sonic segregation is phenomenal.
The link is separable, with standard 3.5mm fittings on the two sides and an in-line distant and amplifier. Despite the fact that the link genuinely solid gratitude to its thickness, it’s likewise fairly tangle-inclined gratitude to its plain surface. There is swoon link clamor, however this is generally overwhelmed and indiscernible when you’re really playing sound through the earphones


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